We all love the outdoors and we love nature.  That's why we love to explore by hiking, camping, backpacking and enjoying our road trips.  But, sometimes, the unexpected can happen when you least expect it.  I'ts so important that we understand and acknowledge how easy it is to find ourselves in a bad situation.  Knowing how to make good decisions, adapt, plan and to stay calm is the key to surviving.  Just having basic wilderness and survival knowledge can make all the difference to getting home safe to your family and friends.  That's why I started my journey with the passion to educate and teach Wilderness and Survival in the Outdoors.  

Here is the story of two very young girls exploring their back yard which happens to be the wilderness.  It's quite compelling especially because one of them had basic survival training that saved their own lives.  It also shows how easy it was for them to get lost and yet they were found less than 2 miles from their home 

Manu Toigo - Survivalists and Wilderness Survival Guide