Bushman's Family Cookout

 Let's have a day learning bushman's cooking over an open fire and using coals.  Leave your kitchen and worries behind and enjoy an experience of a life time and some new skills.

Survival Training

Want to know what it takes to be a survivalist?  You don't need to be an outdoor enthusiast.  Just learning and knowing the basics of survival could mean all the difference, not only if you are facing the unexpected in the wilderness while hiking or camping, but also how it translate into your home and work life as well.  To top it all off, you can show off your new developed skills to your friends and family.  Private and Group training available upon request.

Survival Cache Race

Quite the adventurous way to spend the day in the outdoors.  Using GPS and finding Waypoints to locate Survival Tins which contains instructions to complete a task relating to outdoor survival knowledge.  

Survival Challenge 3 Days

Info Coming Soon! Call Manu at 206-769-4334 for questions