I have put together the below guide on how best to prepare your child for camp.

Your kids are already coming ready to learn, hike and explore - we need to make sure that they are prepared for their adventures.

Campers will average approx. 2-3 miles a day from activities.


Outdoor Wear

  • Closed-toe sturdy hiking boots or shoes with tread (no converse, flip flops, crocs or open-toed shoes) 

  • Hiking Socks

  • Long pants with pockets (Shorts and leggings are OK, but keep in mind that exposed skin can get a sunburn, scratched from plants, etc.)

  • Cotton Shirt

  • Full Cover Hat/Floppy hat

  • A backpack that is large enough for Lunch, extra shoes, socks, and other daily items. (PLEASE no camel packs. They leak and do not give an accurate gauge of water consumption.  They cannot be refilled easily and leave no room for other items)


Water and Food



  • Water is absolutely essential. 

  • 1L Water Bottle (Nalgene Tritan) or Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle.  NO, single-use water bottles, insulated or metal water bottles as they are too heavy.

  • Trick of the Trade:  Fill water bottle 2/3 and freeze overnight. In the morning, fill to the top with water then wrap the bottle in a dish towel and use rubber bands to hold the wrap in place.  This will give them cold water for almost the entire day.


Food and Snacks

  • Nutrition is one of my teaching points.  Please, no junk foods ie. pizza, chips or candy.

  • Provide a healthy and filling lunch for your child.  Please use containers that are light and leak-free and try not to use metal lunch containers.

  • I provide everything Organic - Gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian snacks for our morning breakfast before we head out on the trails:

    • eg. Tuna Salad (Home Made Every Day), Dates, Cheese, Gluten-Free Crackers, Apples, Cut Frozen Oranges, Grapes, Dried Fruits, Fresh Fruits, Mixed Nuts, Beef Jerky, Sunflower Butter, Almond Butter, Peanut Butter (Will not be included for those who are allergic) , Olives, Fresh Vegetables and sometimes when I can, I'll always bring something special or provide a special treat.

**Emphasis on conservation and environmental awareness. Limit of one (1) zip lock bag or any other disposable plastic bag.

**Part of this experience is to teach mindfulness and responsibility.

Backpack Carry Items

  • Healthy Lunch and Water Bottle

  • Lightweight Wind Breaker or Jacket (optional)

  • Sunscreen

  • Extra Socks

  • Small Towel or Large Micro Fiber Towel

  • Water shoes on hand in the car for certain days

  • Bathing suit (for water days and optional as some kids like to swim in their hiking clothes)

Overnight Camp

Please be advised that this is not your typical overnight camp.  Basic survival skills, wilderness preparedness and safety for camping and hiking are my main focus.  This is learning how to camp on absolute basic equipment.  They will be making their own Tarp Shelters or choose to do a Burrito with a Tarp.  Yup, no tent camping.  They also sleep on cowhides as the flooring.  

  • Backpack   (Ensure backpack is large enough to carry all items excluding sleeping bag)

  • Water Bottle 

  • Sleeping Bag   (If you don't have one, I can provide one for you)

  • Warm Overnight Coat (Only if advised necessary)

  • Towel   (I use Micro Fiber quick-drying Towel)

  • Extra T-Shirt and Long Sleeve Shirt

  • Extra Pants

  • Spare Underwear

  • Sock

  • Full Cover Hat

  • Flash Light

  • Basic Hygiene Needs   (Toothpaste is harmful to wildlife. Avoid mint or candy-flavored and fluoride)

  • Something Personal (optional)

  • Camera (optional)

  • Camping Bowl and Utensils are provided (May bring a cup if desired)